Did someone sabotage your blog or are you feeling ok? Many of your recently posted pic don’t just seem coming from you? But still always a fan!!
My Reply:
In order for me to post as many photos as I have been over the past few years, I have to find sources of the photos. 
I started with my collection on my computer
followed by those I liked from tumblr
then went to some from Flickr
followed by those I liked from tumblr
recently posted the photos I had of me
and once again cleared out my list of liked photos from tumblr.
Through all that posting submissions of course.
Now I have started to go through all the tumblr blogs I follow and posting my favourites from their archives - starting with their oldest to most recent. 
With some other recent photos I like that appear on my dashboard. 
I hope that answers your question. 
Long time fan here. Your posted pics are always a turn on. I especially love the ones that tend to go a little younger. Nothing hotter than seeing a young guy comfortable in his own skin on a nude beach etc, And why don’t you post pics of yourself anymore?? I love your uncut cock and natural everyday body. I’ve jacked off to you many times and want to do it again
My Reply:
I too like the ones of those in their young 20s, it makes me hope that nudism is growing. 
As for posting photos of myself, I have already posted all that I have taken, I have been relatively busy recently. Also with winter, I have felt more like keeping warm than going nude. 
I potentially have someone moving into a room I have for rent who is glad I am a nudist, and he himself is a partial nudist. I may ask him to take the occasional photo. Since seeing your message I have thought that perhaps I should do one day a month (at least) where I post photos of myself. Once I start a regular posting of my photos I will endeavour to keep up such a schedule (i.e. if I post one on the 10th of the month, I’ll try and keep posting on/around the 10th).

What your fav kind off pic and I'll take one and submitt to u ??? T

Asker's Portrait Asked by Anonymous

My favourite kind of photos are something artistic, naked outdoors, and naked in public/groups. Doesn’t have to show an erection.

Thanks for being part of the solution. Clothes are just a bad habit for most guys. And it's weird because all guys look better without pants on. You're a great example of this. Are you often nude in front of friends, at least at home? And also lewd? Eventually all the available nudeness on the interweb will turn society more clothing-optional, but I hope it doesn't take too long. Even lewdness, why is that such a shameful thing? I found out it's actually way fun being lewd with guys in public.

Asker's Portrait Asked by Anonymous

Thank you for your comments and questions. I do agree that more of society should allow nudism; allow people to go naked. 

I am naked around the house often, including around housemates. As for around friends, that generally depends on a few factors. 1) If they’re nude too, then I am as well. 2) If they’re at my place and comfortable with me being nude, whether or not they are, then I am likely nude. 3) It I’m at their place, and they’re comfortable with me being nude, then I may be nude. 4) If they’re not comfortable with me being naked, then generally I’m not - though I may not be wearing  very much.

As for the lewdness you refer to, personally I am not. Depending on how lewd people are around me, it doesn’t bother me. 

Hello! Could I ask a huge favor of you? Would you be so kind as to re-blog at-least 10~20 posts on my blog and I will do the same, and return the favor for you? It would be HIGHLY appreciated and it would help me out a lot :)! Just message me back how many you’ve done and or i’ll look and see in my activity and ASAP re-blog the same amount. Thank you so much :)!
My Reply:
I have queued up about 12 photos from your blog, they should be posted in the next couple days. There is no need for you reciprocate the postings. 
Great blog by the way :-)
Hey .. Hot blog are u following me … tnt22nva check me out I’d love to submit or have u reblog my pic ??? Thanks. T
My Reply:
I am now following you. You are very welcome to submit any photos you’d like to. I tend to post almost everything people submit. I will also probably end up reblogging some of your photos now that I am following you. 
Hi where can I get pic of Dutch boyS
My Reply:
Honestly I do not know. You can try searching for blogs run by Europeans, they may know. Flickr also has various photo groups you can possibly find photos of European guys there. 
Hello. I see you are Canadian. Are you circumcised like I am with a high and tight cut.If you are what age are you. Is circumcision in Canada common like in the USA. Many thanks. Ian.
My Reply:

Would you do piss pictures or a video?

Asker's Portrait Asked by Anonymous

I would consider doing those depending on the intended composition of the photo/video. Posting it on my tumblr would also depend on the composition. However, the criteria for both are not the same. In other words I may consider such a photo/video to be taken that would not fit with the theme of my blog, and I would not likely post here, but might allow to be posted elsewhere.